Verbinnen’s Plug Liner (VPL)

Ready . . . Set . . . Grow!

<i>Amelanchier canadensis</i> - Canadian serviceberry

Amelanchier canadensis – Canadian serviceberry

The ideal seedling plug for your container production or mass planting needs.

Fast rooting for quick establishment in containers or in the landscape.

Air root pruning for healthier root systems.

Plugs are a a great replacement for bare root material. Pricing is similar, but plugs are far less susceptible to pre-planting stress.

Let us help you with your long-term planning. Contact us to discuss contract growing or other opportunities to help you ensure your plant material is on hand when you need it.




In early 2014 we started construction of a new VPL production facility. It should be ready for use by late March 2015.

Our New VPL  production facility

Pouring the floor of the new VPL greenhouse.

Pouring the floor of the new VPL greenhouse.



<i>Populus tremuloides</i> - Quaking Aspen

Populus tremuloides – Quaking Aspen

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