Coco-Fibre Pots

A Commitment to Ecological Sustainability

Celtis occidentalis- Common hackberry

Celtis occidentalis - Common hackberry

We have been searching for a number of years for a sustainable solution to the plastic pot that is currently the industry standard. We believe we have found a solution that is not only ecologically sustainable, but also allows us to offer a healthier plant to our valued customers.

After only 1 year of growing with the Coco-Fibre Pot, we have already found the following five benefits for our customers.

  1. Save time!
    • Coco-Fibre pots allow allow you to plant directly into the landscape, without removing the pot.
  2. Enhanced survivability!
    • Pot stays on plant, reducing planting stress.
    • In field tests, good root penetration ensured quick establishment.
  3. Save more time!
    • No cleanup or disposal after planting.
  4. Healthier plants!
    • Air root pruning keeps roots from circling and increases lateral root branching. Healthy roots, healthy plants!
  5. Reduces your ecological footprint!
    • No plastic in the pot.
    • Uses a waste product from another industry.

Coco-Fibre Pots are part of our commitment to ecological sustainabililty!

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