Coco-Fibre Pots

A Commitment to Ecological Sustainability

Celtis occidentalis- Common hackberry

Celtis occidentalis – Common hackberry

Coco-fibre pots are our sustainable alternative to nursery industry standard plastic pots. Repurposed in nursery containers, coconut fibre is a solution that is ecologically wise, provides community benefits, is a time-saver, and allows us to offer you healthier plants. We have field tested this solution for several years, and we see positive results!

Click to download a PDF of our Coco-Fibre Planting Tips.

Benefits that we have seen for ourselves and heard of from our valued customers: Early survivability benefit

  • Pot stays on the plant, reducing planting stress
  • No wicking of moisture up from the ground through exposed rim of coco pot
  • Unaltered soil pH and nutrient availability as coco fibres degrade
  • Excellent root penetration, ensuring quick establishment

Long-term health benefit

  • Porous pot walls allow air root pruning
  • Significantly reduced root circling inside the pot
  • Increased lateral root branching in the ground, pursuant to natural rooting
  • Natural root structure benefits the plant for its lifetime
  • Healthy roots = healthy plants!

Time saving benefit

  • No need to remove pots
  • No need to pick up empty pots
  • No need to dispose of pots when the job is done

Ecological benefit

  • No plastic or non-renewable materials used
  • Only 3 ingredients: coconut husk fibre, organic latex, trace sulphur
  • Coconut husk fibre is a common by-product of the coconut industry

Community benefit

  • Sri Lankan workers, local to the coco-fibre source, are employed at fair wages

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