Click to download our latest availability list. This is a password protected area.

Please email us at bernard@verbinnens.com for a password.

Key to our availability list:
1-2 st – single stem, usually a tree form
1G, 2G, etc. – 1 gallon pot, 2 gallon pot, etc. in our container production
2X5Plug -a 2″ wide, 5″ deep plug suitable for potting up or planting in the field in restoration sites
BR – bare root
Coco – our coconut fibre pot line
Ecoline – our line of economically priced 1 gallon material
E-Grn – Evergreen
Shrub – a multi-stem form
VPL – Verbinnen’s Plug Liner
Whip – a tall, thin sapling
fc – final count for last season
NP – Newly potted this spring

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